Restaurant, Lodging, Campground, Store, Ice Cream, Ice, Firewood and More. 


Opening Schedule

Restaurant Opening: Weekends Only + holidays

Regular Schedule Starting: Thurs June 6

About Us

Rid & Sophie (owners)

At Lakefront, we understand everyone loves camping - just not all the preparations that goes with it. That's where we come in. Our mission is to provide you with everything you need to make your camping experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Why choose us?

Our close proximity to the main beach, lake amenities, family oriented environment and friendly service is why people choose us over everyone else. Come experience all that we have to offer for yourself.

What We Offer

* Guest House and Tiny House Rentals

* Campers and Campsite Rentals

* Short and Long Term Campsite Rentals

* Chinese and Pho Restaurant Dining

* Home made Ice Cream and Boba Smoothies

* Camping and Fishing Supplies

* Ice and Fire wood

* Convenience Store

* Boat/Jet Ski/Camper parking & storage

* Shuttle service to and from the beach. (by appointments)

!! New for 2024 !!

All you can eat breakfast buffet from 7am-10am Every Saturday & Sunday & Holidays

Special Price: Regular $15.99, children12 and under and Seniors $9.99, under 5 $5.99. Free Coffee


We currently have 1 guest house, 2 tiny houses and 8 fifth wheel campers available for rent. All are stationary and tied to full service electric, water and sewer. All will have a fire pit, grill, smart TV, microwave, cooktop, WIFI and A/C with most having a covered porch patio. Visit our booking site for a complete list of our lodging and campsites.


-Lakehouse Retreat-

-Tiny Houses-

-5th Wheels-

Seasonal Campsites

We have 30 seasonal sites that are designated for annual leases. The sites are approximately 40'x60' and includes 50/30/20 amp electric, water, sewer, fire pit and wifi. Availability various from year to year and are offered at a first come first serve basis.

* Rate is $3200/season + electric

* Call for availabilities. Rid 303-909-9677

Below are some samples of our client's campsites.

Things To Do

Dining In Our Restaurant

First off, meet our friendly crew members as you will see them a lot. They will be happy to take your order, clean your table, scoop your ice cream and mix your smoothies. Relax either indoor or outdoor and enjoy some authentic cuisines, a pho noodle soup or some home made ice cream. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can you tell from this picture what our most popular item is? Hint... starts with Banana.

Kids Playground and Arcade Games

Explore our courtyard, play area and arcade games inside. This is probably where you will find your children when they go missing. Kids are free to roam and explore at will. You might not be able to resist trying out the hammocks that line the perimeter or enjoy some delicious ice cream and refreshing smoothies under our covered patio.

Visit our Greenhouse & Garden

We're excited to introduce our greenhouse this year. This is where we grow our vegetables for our restaurant. We also have tropical fruit trees that you don't normally see in cold climates. Building this greenhouse was a massive undertaking which is well worth checking out to appreciate.

Hit the beach

We also offer a "universal studio" like shuttle ride to and from the beach. Once there, you will enjoy the pristine, white sandy beach of Lake Mac. You can also hike to the beach. It's just a short 5 minute walk.

Relax around a bonfire

Cool off with some ice cream or smoothies

Head back to the restaurant to enjoy dinner with us or start a bonfire with your group. We are certain you will have a lasting memory and not want to leave.

Go Fishing

Almost forgot to mention that Lake McCognaughy is also famous for it's fishing. Here's proof!

If you are still wondering what we are all about then feel free to use the next 30 minute to enjoy watching me walking around the campground and talking. This unscripted/unedited video is from 2022 so more than likely you'll have to endure yet another 30+ minute video coming soon in 2024.

5/14/2022 Campground Tour

2024 Campground Tour - Coming soon

Below is our Menu in case you are hungry which is common. Don't ask what is good because everything is good.

Smoothies & Tea

Our smoothies are made from real fruit.


Lakefront Breakfast Burritos

Dry Noodle Bowl - NEW

New Items

Lakefront Express New Restaurant Items


We are open seasonal between May -Sept. Located 1/4 mi north of Kingsley Dam across the street from Martin Bay Main entrance. 


1799 HWY 61 N Lemoyne, NE 69146

Open weekends only between May 11 - June 5. Regular Season Business Hours Starts June 6.

Monday: 8am - 7pm

Tue & Wed: CLOSED

Thusday: 8am - 7pm

Friday: 8am - 9pm

Satuday: 7am - 9pm

Sunday: 7am - 7pm